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TEO GARMENTS is dedicated to supplying our clients with innovative, high-quality products at competitive prices and with the optimal lead times within our global manufacturing facilities. We prioritize adding value and fostering collaboration with our partners to achieve shared goals and aspirations.

Our diverse portfolio encompasses specialty infant and children's wear, fashionable women's clothing, and active wear for men. This robust range is further bolstered by our extensive Asian business network, including factories in Vietnam and manufacturing partners in India and other regions of Asia.


Supported by our robust marketing channels in Singapore and Hong Kong, our key export markets include the US, Canada, Australia, and Japan.

Business Networks
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Our in-house design team conducts market research by analyzing design practices globally and picking up latest trends and innovations. Leveraging on data analytics, our designers gather insights to produce exciting apparel pieces and present them to our customers; giving them the most interesting and updated range of product ideas for their merchandise selection.


We also leverage 3D digital technology to enable realistic 3D rendering of apparel designs. This allows us to streamline the design development process by providing our customers true-to-life 3D garment simulations with accurate fitting and drape and efficient digital prototyping


As a fully vertically integrated business partner, we walk hand-in-hand with our customers, striving to add value to achieve shared goals and aspirations together.

Our facilities are equipped with in-house capabilities for knitting, dyeing, embroidery, printing and garment washing.  We are constantly upgrading and automating our manufacturing facilities to achieve higher efficiency and productivity to better serve our customers who are the heart of our business.



TEO Garments group's manufacturing facilities adhere to global benchmarks and industry best practices. Each facility undergoes rigorous audits and certification processes to ensure compliance with the highest social and security standards.


To achieve this, we enforce stringent internal quality assurance and control measures within our manufacturing plants. Additionally, our QA system and dedicated team of independent quality officers ensures continuous monitoring of quality standards throughout every stage of production.


In pursuit of excellence, we collaborate with diverse platform partners to leverage digital tools that enhance supply chain visibility, streamline compliance management, and facilitate continuous monitoring and measurement of quality.

With presence and operations across all of Asia, we have developed a deep insight and understanding of the various markets in the region. This enables us to provide you a one-stop service for all your fabric and apparel needs.

QA ad Compliance
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